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WoW! your senses in the World of Wines

Join Michele, Certified Sommelier and wine lover, for a sensory exploration of four distinct wines.  Your fine wine “tour” will take you through the elements of wine tasting, how to shop for wine you love, how to plan food and wine pairings that work and other wine related topics. 

Plan to join us at 5:30 for a 90 minute experience. Make the WoW tour your evening highlight, or enjoy it prior to your evening dinner reservations or other activities. Book this package at the bottom of the room reservation page.

Old World Wines
Some of the world has been making wine for a very long time and they are very good at it. We will taste wines from France, Italy or Germany as we discover what is unique about the “Old World.”  We will have some bites of food with this package to fully appreciate these food pairing wines.

New World Wine
We will visit great wine regions with delicious fruit forward wines from Washington, Oregon and California. You will learn how these wines are made and what makes them so appealing. We will also sample other “New World Wines” from Chile, Argentina, and Australia to fully appreciate the world of wine. 

Pick a package with your room and plan to gain some new favorites!